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Author Topic: Magic & Melee: Guild Handbook ~ Last Update: (05/05/2019)  (Read 7321 times)


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Magic & Melee: Guild Handbook ~ Last Update: (05/05/2019)
« on: February 04, 2019, 09:22:02 AM »
    This thread is to serve as the entire lore for the EverQuest guild, Magic and Melee.

    Magic & Melee is the result from the combined efforts of 3 friends from the Phinigel server.
    Our goal was to create a foundation based from the guild in which we all met, "Resolute", add in the of raw energy, split tactics, and team work we learned in "Original Gangster Club", and then rework with our own procedures and policies.

    When the 20th Anniversary TLPs were announced, we didn't know much beyond that there would be a "casual" and a "hard core" server. On 01/24/2019 we created our Discord channel and began conjuring up guild names and conversations that would form the core of what M&M would become.

    Every concept has been scrutinized and discussed at length in an effort to create the most fair systems and regard to all angles of situations that occur in raiding EverQuest.

    Please find below the lore and efforts of our ideas for Magic and Melee.

    :: Guild Basics ::
    Magic and Melee is a "casual raiding" guild on the Mangler server.

    Dungeons Masters
    • Gakule
    • Remloch
    • Tarot

    • Durtt
    • Glowerss
    • Liah
    • Seveian
    • Sikkunn
    • Simo
    • Mamma

    Recruitment Guides
    • Tukol

    Class Leads
    • Hempo (Shaman)
    • Nithral (Rogue)

    Raid Days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8PM-Midnight EST. (Raid invites go out at 7:45PM)
    *some raids may extend beyond Midnight end time.
    Official Guild Meeting Spot: Wizard Spires in Commonlands, but you will normally be asked to meet at the starting AOC.
    /get will usually have updated information and instructions.

    Guild Ranks:
    Dungeon Master (Leader)
    Guide (Officer)
    Class Leader (Class Lead)
    Adventurer (Member)
    Companion (2nd Main)
    Apprentice (Applicant)
    Novice (Alt, Friends & Family)

    :: Conduct ::

    We do not condone our members training others or KSing and we ask that members respect typical "camps". If you feel a member has KS'd or otherwise treated you poorly, our official stance is for you to report it to Daybreak.

    On the flip, we will defend a camp we have been in. If members of another guild are known to trample our members, then they can expect the same treatment in return.

    We ask that our members conduct themselves in a reasonable manner. Not only with the server, but with each other.
    Guild chatter can get a little "mature" in some instances, but we try to keep it in a reasonable boundary.
    There are channels in Discord for "NSFW" things and you are welcome to join in or pass it by.
    No reason to discuss religion and politics in an RPG. When topics start heading in these hot button directions, you will be "shushed."

    We do have pretty high expectations of you when raiding. There's the typical ones of paying attention, familiarize yourself with content, don't loot what isn't yours, and don't babble in Discord.

    But we also expect that you utilize all available to you.
    Bring your applicable distillates (celestial healing, clarity)
    Bring your applicable potions (cure disease, antidote potions, every class is expected to have cloudy potions, Benefit Awareness, Spell Awareness and Greater Concussion potions for casters.
    All large races are expected to shrink.
    Ensure you are stacked on food/water and spell reagents (the guild will supply you with pearls, emeralds and peridots.)
    Be up to date with your spellbook and combat abilities.
    Keep your buffs up (/tell the class for what you need)

    Live Streaming:
    We do not mind if you live stream, but you are asked to not stream Discord voice chat.
    Although unlikely, you may be asked to shut down entirely for an event.

    Your guild-tag should always be shown, so the use of /anon is prohibited.
    If you’d like to hide your class use the /role function.

    :: Hierarchy and Ranks ::

    Loot Hierarchy:
    Dungeon Master (Tier 1)
    Guide (Tier 1)
    Class Leader (Tier 1)
    Adventurer (Tier 1)
    Companion (Tier 2)
    Apprentice (Tier 3)
    Novice (Tier 5)

    Tier 1 (Dungeon Master, Guide, Class Leader, Adventurer)
    These are full members.
    First tier priority for all loot, spells, and epic/quest pieces.
    Bidding privileges on tradeable loot.
    Personal use of guild bank.
    Full raiding reagents provided.
    Potions provided at material cost.
    They earn and spend their own DKP.

    Tier 2 (Companion)
    Every Adventurer is allowed 1 "Companion". They are considered "2nd mains" that you box on raids with your main.
    You must apply, meet all applicant requirements and be approved by Officers to officially receive the "Companion" rank.
    2nd tier priority for all loot, spells and epic/quest pieces.
    Bidding privileges on tradeable loot.
    Personal use of guild bank - 7 days after item has been banked.
    Full raiding reagents are provided.
    Potions provided at material cost.
    They earn and spend their own DKP.

    Tier 3 (Apprentice)
    Apprentices are in the application process.
    3rd tier priority for all loot, spells and epic/quest pieces.
    No bidding privileges on tradeable loot.
    No guild bank access until accepted as Adventurer.
    Partial raiding reagents are provided.
    Potions provided at material cost.
    They earn and spend their own DKP.

    Tier 4 (Novice)
    A Novice is a "Friend or Family" of the guild, or any other alternative characters boxed or otherwise.
    Last priority for all loot, spells and epic/quest pieces.
    No bidding privileges on tradeable loot for "alts".
    Personal use of guild bank - 14 days after item has been banked.
    Raiding reagents are not provided.
    Potions provided at material cost.
    They do not earn DKP and spend from the main "Adventurer" DKP.
    FnF may petition to join the guild but only if they meet our current level and class requirements.
    If applying to a closed class FnFs will have to join a first come, first serve wait list until a spot opens up for their class.

    :: Application Process ::
    After you submit your application, you will receive a response to join our Discord server.
    Join the Discord server to set-up your interview where you will chat with an Officer.
    After receiving approval, you will be invited to the guild.

    Once tagged in the guild, you will receive the "Apprentice" rank and receive Apprentice benefits and forum access.
    Your Class Leader will contact you and begin your orientation into the guild.
    You may not guild tag your "alts" during this time.

    Apprenticeship lasts 6 raid days. After each raid you attend a guild note is added with the date of the raid you attended.
    Once you have 6, the Officers will vote on you.
    You will either be accepted, denied, or extended.

    You must have 50% Lifetime RA to complete your Apprenticeship process, and you must complete your Apprenticeship process within a month of joining.
    If you are inactive for 2 weeks during your application period, you will be removed and asked to apply again when you have the time to commit.

    If accepted, you are a full Member and may bid your earned DKP and receive guild bank items/spells.
    If denied, you will be removed and you may not apply again.
    If extended, an Officer will discuss with you some things that may need to be worked on and your apprenticeship will restart and you must do at least 2 but no more than 6 raids.

    Bad Blood:
    We are very serious about our no toxicity rule. However, we are reasonable folks.
    If you have a history of training, bullying and otherwise being a toxic turd, we will likely pick up on that relatively quickly and then you will be removed and banned.

    But we also understand some people have bad blood and in which case, we cannot chop off an application because of "that one time they KS'd me at Efreeti camp". Member input is invaluable to the leadership core. We ask that you are up front with your positive and negative interactions with an apprentice. But we also ask that you trust the process, true colors will always surface.

    :: DKP & Loot ::
    Magic and Melee's DKP database is not what you are used to.
    M&M uses a custom database called OPENDKP. (Created by Moncs of the Phinigel server).

    You are requested to register on the DKP site and "claim" your character.
    Please note you will not see your character until have raided at least once.

    DKP Method:
    M&M uses a "BRV" = Base Rate Value DKP System combined with ranks, and loot hierarchy to essentially handle any looting issues.

    DKP Problems:
    You are solely responsible for keeping track of your DKP history.

    If you are missing a raid, use the DKP site's "Raid Credit Check" function within 5 days of the missed check.
    A detailed use of our DKP system is available in the Member's section.

    If you are missing an item, were mis-charged, over-charged, under-charged, double-charged, you have 5 days to request the error change using the DKP Raid Log for the raid in question.

    DKP is primarily earned by raiding.
    Logs are taken every half hour (and 1 final end log) and are worth a flat 5DKP.
    Bonuses are given for certain achievements (first kills, exceptional raids, max level, keys, etc.)
    "First Kill" and "Server Firsts" are bonus DKP.
    Other bonuses will be announced and a time frame given to achieve the goal.

    You must bid in whole numbers. (no decimal bidding).
    10 is the minimum bid.
    You must upbid the last bid by at least 5.
    You may go negative (without a penalty) for rotting items only, but the minimum is still 10.

    Max Bid:
    Raiders 40%+ 30D RA may max bid 700.
    Raiders 39%- 30D RA may max bid 100.

    You must include your rank with your bid if you are anything other than an "Adventurer/Member" (applicant, alt, companion, friend)

    Wizard tells the raid: '10 app' (this is an Applicant)
    You tell the raid: '10 comp' (this is a Companion)
    Warrior tells the raid: '10' (this is a main)

    Companion Bidding
    When bidding for your Companion please use the Companion to bid or use their name in your bid. It makes life easier on the Master Looter.

    You tell the raid: '10 comp (Name)'

    Alt Bidding
    A Novice is your non Companion boxes or "alt".
    You may not bid on tradeable loot as a "Novice" or "alt" (Only an approved Companion)

    You tell the raid: '10 alt'
    Your won items are paid for by your mains DKP pool.

    Bidding by 5s & "All-In"
    You only need to up the last bid by 5 and in multiples of 5.
    An "All-In" bid is your current max spendable DKP.

    You tell the raid: '287 all in'

    In order to beat you, someone would need to bid at least 290 but they could bid 290+ if they wanted.
    Always round up your bid to the nearest whole number (ending in 0 or 5 against an "all-in" bid)

    Bids are done via /rs by an officer. There is no set time, but the goal is to get loot done fast. It will look something like this:

    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > OPEN"
    Rogue tells raid: "10 app"
    Ranger tells raid: "15 Comp"
    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > 2nd"
    Warrior tells raid: "20"
    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > CLOSED"
    Officer tells the raid: "[ITEM] - Min 20 > Grats Warrior 20DKP"

    There is no set time between bids. The ML will try to let you battle it out but still keep the loot line moving.
    The idea is, if you want it, bid for it and battle out your bids quickly.

    Another example with Companions winning a bid:
    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > OPEN"
    Necromancer tells raid: "10 comp"
    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > 2nd"
    Magician tells raid: "15 alt"
    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > CLOSED"
    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > CLOSED - Grats Necromancer 10DKP" (Companion beats Alt on Tier)

    If you plan to Max Bid
    You are asked to include the max bid, rank, and your 30D/60D Raid Average.

    ML tells the raid: "[ITEM] > Min10 > OPEN"
    Warrior1 tells the raid: "700 100/100"
    Ranger tells the raid: "700 80/50"
    Warrior 2 tells the raid: "700 100/100"
    Paladin tells the raid: "700 100/50"
    ML tells the raid: "Any other max bids?"
    ML tells the raid: "Max bidding closed"
    ML randoms 1-2 (between the 2 100/100 Warriors) - This time it turned up a 2.
    ML tells the guild: "[ITEM] > Grats Warrior2 700DKP"

    Multiple Max Bidders
    When 2 or more people bid the max we have a tie breaker system:
    First Check: 30D Raid Average Wins

    If bidders are within 5% of the same 30D Raid Average then 60D Raid Average Wins.
    If bidders are within 5% of the same 60D Raid Average then the ML will random between them.

    Double Items
    When 2 items of the same drop, the top 2 bids win the items.

    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > OPEN"
    Warrior tells raid: "10"
    Ranger tells raid: "25"
    Paladin tells raid: "30 comp"
    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > 2nd"
    ShadowKnight tells raid: "15"
    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > CLOSED
    Officer tells raid: "[ITEM] - Min 10 > CLOSED > Grats Ranger 25DKP and ShadowKnight 15DKP"

    Retract Bidding
    If you make a mistake and bid on something you cannot use or mis-read what it was, you are stuck with it. It is your duty to pay attention to what you are buying.

    You may only retract a bid during the bidding process.

    You tell the raid '25'
    You tell the raid 'retract 25! misbid'

    This window is only available if the ML hasn't called "CLOSED". After that, it's yours.

    If it's a tradeable item you may return for a 50% DKP refund.

    Caps and Decay:
    Every expansion has a cap and will decay to this amount every 1st of the month/new expansion.
    Current Expansion Cap > Classic: 2800DKP

    Hitting 0% 30-Day RA incurs a 25% DKP decay
    Hitting 0% 60-Day RA incurs a 50% DKP decay
    Hitting 0% 90-Day RA incurs a 100% DKP decay

    Wait Lists:
    Sometimes we may encounter a "wait list" because the raid is full.
    Raid leaders will determine what classes are needed to fill raids. (need filters by class not rank.)

    When we have a Wait List, a channel is created for Wait List.
    During this time, when a log is taken a "keyword" is put into the channel.
    People who answer within a 2 minute window receive DKP credit.
    You must be ready to answer a "call to arms" to replace someone within 5 minutes.

    DKP Penalties:
    If you bid more DKP than you have, you will be penalized to pay double the bid. (negative bids only allowed for rotting items).
    If you loot an item not intended for you, you will be charged 45DKP (which equals 1 full raid).
    If you request a Guild Bank item without the No Drop piece, it's a 25DKP penalty and you must provide proof of no drop item in future via a screenshot to GB.

    Agent of Change
    Unless you are told by your Raid Leader directly, there is never ANY reason to "Hail" the "Agent of Change".
    Creating a DZ without being told to carries a 25DKP penalty.
    Creating a DZ without being told that causes raid problems results a 45DKP penalty and possible guild removal.

    Main Changes:
    You may apply to change your Main character under the following conditions:
    You did not main change the last expansion.
    Your new main character must meet all current expansion application requirements.

    If that is met, then you fill out a Main Change request in the forum.
    After you submit your forum request to change mains, an Officer will be in touch to let you know which category you fall under.

    Officer Requested > 0DKP Penalty
    Officer Approved > 300DKP (60x BRV)
    Officer Unapproved > 500DKP Penalty (100x BRV), RA Wipe, Max Bid 100 for 2 weeks probation.

    If you wish to "change" your Companion, you must follow the same criteria of Main Change;
    You did not main change the last expansion.
    Your new main character must meet all current expansion application requirements.
    You will have to follow the process all over again for the new "Companion" and your last 3 looted item charges will be charged to your main and your Companion DKP will be zeroed out.[/list][/list][/list][/list]
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    Re: Magic & Melee: Guild Handbook
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    Novice Rank
    Novice rank is a "blanket" rank we use for Inactive members, Friends and Family, and alternate characters for active members.

    Inactive is anyone who has not raided in the last 30 days.
    Members under this rank fall under DKP decay rules, have alternative characters removed, and receive FNF access in forums/Discord.

    Friends and Family is just what it says.
    To be FNF you must have an active sponsor in the guild that will vouch for you before you are even invited to the guild.
    If you are an FNF of an inactive member, you will be removed.
    You are not a friend/family if you "grouped together one time" or "gave me a great deal on an item."
    An FNF member is someone YOU spend time with but they do not fall under raiding requirements.

    Any main who has been inactive (meaning no log in or raids for 30+ days) will be moved to "Novice" rank and noted as "Inactive".
    All of your alts will be removed.
    At this point you will start to fall under the decay DKP process.
    If you return, please see an Officer about the process required for you to return to member. (Which will likely include making a few raids or completely re-applying).

    After 90D of any inactivity, you will be completely removed, your DKP wiped, and asked to re-apply.

    Planar Class Gear:
    Planar gear (and some other misc. loot will be randomed out)
    When this happens, Adventurers (Tier 1) "need" and Companions/Apprentices (Tier 2 and 3) "greed"
    "Need and Greed roll error penalties are 2x the minimum bid. Officers reserve the right to increase the penalty for repeat offenders."
    You can avoid this issue by turning off your "apply filters" at the start of the raid.
    In the event Tiers 1-3 do not random, anyone is welcome to loot it on first come, first served basis.
    This means Adventurers/Members "need" and Companions and Applicants "greed".
    To clarify, your NON companion Alt should not be "needing" or "greeding". They need to wait for it to be left on corpse by ML.

    Raid Tradeable Items:
    Tradeable items obtained on raids are auctioned out as normal. (only classes that can use may bid).

    You may only receive 1 of any tradeable item (except in cases of when 2 are wearable and not lore: IE earrings, rings, bracers.)
    You are free to sell your item after you receive an upgrade, only after the item no longer drops from content we are officially, actively, raiding.
    This means that, for example, Cloak of Flames and any other Dragon loot that drops in Kunark will be restricted from being able to be sold until Velious.

    Raid items that are restricted from being sold will be able to be sold back to the guild, and then rebid by an officer on an announced raid, with the original looter recouping 50% of the DKP they originally spent on the item.

    Example: Gakule wins a Cloak of Flames for 500 DKP. Gakule upgrades it and wants to trade it in. Gakule surrenders the item to the guild bank, and is reimbursed 250 DKP. The Cloak of Flames is then rebid out on next Naggy raid, allowing members to bid on it.

    At any time, if suspicion of item sale has been raised, you may be asked for proof of current ownership. We may conduct random searches and /inspect.

    Anyone found being in violation of this policy will be subject to removal from the guild.
    This return policy does not include vanity items such as bags and illusion items.

    Split Raiding Loot
    All tradeable items will be looted my ML and auctioned off in /gu when both Raid Leaders give the okay.

    Open World Split Raiding
    In some cases Raid-X might be ahead of Raid-Y and will go do an OW target while waiting.
    When this happens, Raid-X has priority on no drop epic pieces (Tradeables to GB).
    Raid-X will auction out any boss tradeable loot items (other than Epic) to /gu for Raid-Y.
    No drop items remain in Raid-X as usual.

    When all splits are raiding OW content together;
    All boss dropped loot and epic items will be treated as one raid.

    :: Quests ::
    For all quests that require multiple raid obtained no drop pieces, first to pay DKP for (any 1) of the no drop items (in any order) will automatically receive the rest as priority.

    In the event that Winner#1 isn't present and Winner#2 gets the same item on another raid, and now they both need the same no drop to complete, the one who looted first receives priority.

    Tie-breaker rules apply when 2 people looted same day/raid: 30D RA > 60D RA > Random by Officer.

    We kicked around so many ideas in regards to Epics. In our opinion there are too many variables for each class for us to police epics in any way other than your rank and 30D raid average. Charging DKP to one class that may need more than 1 raid piece vs. another class that might not need any just feels unfair overall. Trying to award items based on completion opened too many other doors and variables as well. We know epics are highly regarded to every member. Regardless of your class or how it benefits the guild as whole, everyone doing the legwork for their epic will have a fair shake at completing it. The guild will have "Epic raids" on the menu to help everyone complete the raid portions of their epic quests.

    *In the case of Dragon scales where armor can be made, we hold for EPICS only.

    Tradeable Epic Items are Guild Banked until Kunark. Before Kunark roll-out a formula on who receives what will be announced. It will consider your 30D/60D/Overall Lifetime in Guild and Completion progress.

    No drop are given out right as they drop to the appropriate class. They are distributed based on your guild rank and your 30D RA.
    In the cases of same 30D RA > Tie breaker rules apply. 30D RA > 60D RA > Random.

    In the event no one needs it, the item will be looted for MQ by an officer, or banked for future applicants or members. In this case they will be given out based on rank, 30D raid average and the ability to turn in the piece. You cannot reserve.

    Plane of Sky Quests
    No drop items are auctioned off for DKP.
    The winner of a no drop item may automatically request the other tradeable items in conjunction with that particular quest from Guild Bank.
    If Guild Bank does not have the remaining quest items, first to pay DKP has priority when they drop. You are responsible for keeping track of your needed items.

    There are very few quests that require more than 1 no drop item.
    First to pay DKP for (any 1) of the no drop items (in any order) will automatically receive the rest as priority.
    In the circumstance 2 people bid on same day, tie breaker procedure is 30D > 60D > Random.

    In the event that Winner#1 isn't present and Winner#2 gets the same item on another raid, and now they both need the same no drop to complete, the one who looted first receives priority.

    *Talk to your MLer if you have a no drop piece you paid DKP for and require the 2nd.

    Tradeable items will be looted by Officers and added to the Guild Bank.
    Any rotting no drop items will be looted by an Officer for future MQ.

    Efreeti Weapons
    Since we run FFA Sky weekends, we have this policy in place.
    Offiicial Sky Raid Efreeti weapons are placed in the guild bank, Members who paid DKP for the no drop piece have 2 days to request it. After that, it's offered to FFA winners.

    No drop won date won matters first. If that's a tie, tie breaker rules apply. 30D RA > 60D RA > Random.

    If no one wins, it goes to guild bank and is available to Official or FFA winners.
    FFA raids offer theirs the opposite, requests on raids get first dibs then it goes to GB if you do not have the no drop piece.

    :: Guild Bank ::
    The guild bank is on a mutually owned account by the Dungeon Masters.
    Guild bank will use 1 Krono a month for the "guild bank" account.
    The guild will purchase Krono with platinum earned as a way to gain interest.
    The guild will hold events for Krono and items as a way to give back to members.

    Every transaction for platinum, gems, spells, items, withdrawals, deposits, sales, is viewable in the Guild Ledger.
    Guild funds will pay for all raiding reagents such as peridots, pearls, and emeralds.

    As a rule of thumb, the guild bank will only keep 2 of an item or spell on hand. Extras will be sold for guild funds.
    Banked items may be purchased for half the current market value following the hierarchy rules.
    Banked spells are free of charge to members following the hierarchy rules.

    Items and spells claimed from the guild bank are expected to be used for the character you are requesting for and are not to be sold or traded. Abusing this could result in loss of guild bank access or guild removal.

    All gems will be sold for guild funds except for black sapphires, blue diamonds and diamonds.
    Up to 20 of each will be kept in reserve. Extras will be sold for guild funds.
    2 of each gem is available to Adventurers for purchase for half the going market place for personal use only.
    This is noted in the "Guild Ledger" when you pay for your gems.

    Spells earned on raids will be passed out as they are dropped using guild rank and 30D Raid Average.
    In the event 2+ more need the spell and tie 30D RA > Tie breaker rules apply > 30D RA > 60D RA > Random.
    Unclaimed spells will be banked.

    :: Amendments ::
    As of 02/06/2019 - The charter is created and in effect.
    Amendments are noted here.
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